Abyssinian Cat Appearance

Abyssinian Cat AppearanceThe Abyssinian cat is a very unique individual – lithely built with a very hard and muscular body, he is known not only for his distinctive ticked coat, but also for his regal bearing and consistent body type.  A medium-sized cat, they are firmly built without appearing coarse or cobby, yet do not possess the fragile look of the oriental breeds.  For many, he is the perfect mixture of the different body types, resulting in a perfectly proportioned and balanced feline.

The Abyssinian coat possesses a beautiful sheen and is silky and soft in texture.  Of medium length, it is long enough to carry the required 2-3 bands of ticking that make up the Abyssinian’s unique color, without delving into the realms of the long-haired cats.  The breed is recognized in four stunning shades: the ruddy, the red, the blue, and the fawn.  All varieties are expected to possess proper ticking and richness in color, and the Abyssinian may have eyes of either a brilliant emerald green or rich molten gold.