Abyssinian Cat Personality

abyssinian kittensThe Abyssinian is very much a “people cat,” and delights in being close to people and observing everything that they do. This is not to say that they are a lap cat, however – quite the contrary, the Abyssinian wants to be a part of everything that their owners do and is sure that, by winding around your legs and poking his head in wherever he can, that he is most definitely helping you get the task done. How ever could you have managed without an Abyssinian to point out the important things and make note of the little flaws.

Playful well into their adult years, the Abyssinian cat can often be viewed as a bit of a mischievous prankster and troublemaker. He is the cat that believes there are no such words as “can’t” and “don’t.” Sure to find a way up to the highest perches within your home, as well as squeezing his way into the tiniest of crawl spaces, he is on constant patrol, parade, and ever at play. Be sure to put your breakables away when an Abyssinian is on the prowl.